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Tuesday, September 27

Supporting an Artist

Sev Design
So I'm not one for shameless plugs, but I want to recommend you to this artist. In some ways art is a part of my tea blog, just as some people can consider blog writing an art. Tea and art... what a perfect combination.

Really though, I want to support my friend and add a little class to my site. I'm thinking about having her design the art for a tea website I'm working on. I want to get beyond the blog constraints and get a little more freedom with what I do. Coming soon!

No, she's not my girlfriend, so it's not one of those kind of deals. I just think she's good and you should check it out. If you need more of a reason to go, or maybe you need something to "class-it-up." Well I've got just the thing. The artist is a native born Icelander. I met her in the USA at a Uni and now she's living in Spain. How cool is that!

Anyways, checkout her site and even if you're not into the stuff there perhaps you'd like her to custom design something for you. She's good. I've seen it first hand. So go on and be a patron of the arts. And yes, it's her logo design. Now go get a cup of tea and click on the picture or link.

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