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Thursday, December 6

Almost A Year


It has been almost a full year since my last posting, and boy what a year it has been. The Chinese called it the Year of the Pig. I guess I wont disagree with that; although, while some may have been living a lavish and gluttonous year I have been living the opposite.

I don't want to get into politics because that is not what this weblog is about, but the current state of the economy is making money a scarce thing lately. I haven't been able to find time and relax either to do the things I enjoy, like drinking tea. I shall not whine another word though, because this is a bloody tea blog! So let's talk tea shall we?

  • What I've Been Drinking
Sadly, I've been limited to the vile and unworthy tea bags that disgrace the very shelves they sit on. In other words... grocery store tea. I must confess though that I do enjoy just about any type of iced tea. It's the warm version that I am so picky about. Therefore, the best teas I have had over the course of this year in their respective categories are:

  • Iced Tea - Raspberry Nestea (in the cartons)

Neither are high class products, but they aren't the bottom-of-the-barrel brands either. I would say that each is a mid-class product that supplements a need for tea without a great sacrifice in taste. Not only that but they are both very convenient products.

Anyways, that's all I want to say for tea for now. I am a bit disappointed in myself for not updating this blog and my lack of tea experimentation this past year so I will leave it at that.

I have also notice a bunch of changes within Blogger itself that I need to brush up on. It has been so long I have forgotten many of the basic codes to tinker with my template and to organize things. HTML has slipped away from me. Good thing I'm an English major so I can go and read up on the whole subject again... that's sarcasm by the way, as reading about HTML is as dry as skin on a harsh winter day. For all of you Southern folks, that equates to itchy, flaky and painfully annoying.

Okay then, that's all from me for now. I wont promise any resurgence in updates, but I think I might be able to squeeze one more in this month.

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