Absolute Tea

Friday, June 30

A Long Brewed Update

Hello to all of you fans of tea. I realize it has been a good while since I've posted anything. My excuse... life has been busy. I know, it's weak, but at least I'm still drinking tea. That's what's really important here right?

Speaking of drinking tea, I've recently tried a green tea mixture with raspberries and hibiscus. I was really impressed with the taste. There wasn't any of that familiar grassy or smoky flavor that I usually get with a pure green tea.

I'm always amazed at how well green tea mixes with other flavors and herbs. The green tea becomes like a primer to the paint of flavor that is added by the herbs. I've been drinking this type of brew for the past few days now because I needed something to sooth my sore throat, and it really works well. That curing belief of green tea just got a little stronger with me because of it. So I highly recommend the raspberry and hibiscus flavorings to your green tea. I've actually thought about mixing fruit and herbs into my tea on my own, but the challenge would be finding the right combination. Oh well, I'll save that for another post.

So there, you can't say I abandoned this blog in June. I got one in.