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Tuesday, October 21

Reawakening and Tea

  • The Phoenix rises...

It is amazing how quickly time passes when we aren't paying attention; all the details that get lost in two years. That is about how old this tea blog is - two years. Wow.

During that time many things have risen to their peak and yet those same things have all died and disintegrated. Among them would be my love for tea. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved tea, but my desire for it went away with distractions and the hustle of life. It was a beginning to an ending to a way of life that we all must experience in some form or another.

Now I have transcended. No longer am I the amateur I was in all senses. Tea becomes me.

It is beyond a love, as tea is now a part of me. I understand; I know; I am awakened.

  • Metaphor Recovery

Okay, so perhaps I get a little carried away with my metaphors, but being a writer makes it hard to resist them. So what I was saying if you couldn't figure it out above is that I have rediscovered my lost passion for tea, and coming back to it now I know so much more than when I started. I don't need to spend as much time proving to myself that tea is worth it. I already know it is worthy and this becomes my base reality so now I can start getting into more advanced topics. You will see what I am talking about in later posts to come.

  • Beating Around the Rooibos Bush

So let's talk about tea shall we? We can start with the classic that is bringing me back into what I love about tea - rooibos. Not just any rooibos either, but green rooibos. I find irony here that I chose to reawaken myself to tea with a non-caffeinated herbal brew that really isn't a true "tea" at all. We will save that for another discussion under tea crimes.

Anyways, I ordered some Green Rooibos Strawberry Peach the other day from Dragonwater.com. Not really what I went looking for, but apparently no one makes Green Rooibos Oasis anymore. I'm saddened by this, but that's what happens in an ever-changing world. This was the closest I could find to my favorite (aka Best Tea in the World).

It's not the same, but it's pretty darn close. There is more of a lingering taste of strawberry and mellowed orange than anything else, but it isn't too noticable to be overbearing. It still mixes very well. Goes great with chocolate pretzels.

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