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Sunday, December 24

Red and Green Rooibos Christmas

After a two month break I have finally returned. Well, I never really went anywhere, but I was in the process of graduating from college. So now I am official - a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Creative and Professional writing degree holder. Yay for me. Now let's see if my writing gets any better.

Okay, enough of that - and onto the tea.

I know what you're thinking, "another post about Rooiobs?" Yes, and I'm proud of it. I mean, what not a better way than to spend the holidays with a cup of rooibos. It's the perfect tea. I know this season normally brings the spiced flavors out, and the Chai is pretty big this season as well. I guess I'm just different. I prefer the sweet melow taste any day over the spicy pepper taste.

Lately, I've been drinking three types of rooibos teas, and they are all red teas. Mostly because I haven't had the time or money to spend on green tea. Not that it's rare or expensive, it's just that the area I live in only has red teas. I'd have to order online if I want green rooibos tea.

Anyway, the types of tea I've been drinking include the straight up - plain red rooibos tea. It may be simple and plain, but boy is it smooth and good. The perfect accompaniment to any cookie combination you might try.

The next tea in my cupboard rotation would be Montana Gold. It's a red rooibos tea with a strong flash of cinnamon along with other Christmas like flavors. All the other flavors they added to this tea are basically keeping the cinnamon at bay. A cup of Montana Gold is perfect with any kind of nut, which you may have roasted over an open fire.

Lastly in my Christmas cupboard of rooibos teas, there is the Egyptian Licorice. The essence of this teas' flavor is a lot like black licorice, which is a taste that you find more accepted in the Northern parts of our country. In Minnesota it's pretty big. I don't really enjoy this tea all that much, but every once in awhile I find myself in the mood for something different.

I'm hoping that I can get some green tea delivered before New Years eve rolls around, as the sweetness of the tea is something I'd like to kick 2007 off with. If I don't get any then I guess I'll be forced to go with coffee, and it better be the best damn coffee I've ever tasted.

Thats all from me for now. I can't say when I'll be posting next, but I hope I can get some in soon. If everything goes right I will be moving to Georgia in 3 months so it might put a damper on updates for a good while again. If it isn't one thing it's another right? There is also this new blogger which I've just switched over to. That means now I'll have all my rooibos articles separated into their own catagory and you and me both can see just how much I post about it.

Have a Merry Tea Drinking Christmas


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