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Wednesday, April 5

Measuring Apparatus

Today is the post with gadgets that involve numbers. A very vital part of proper tea making. So let's not waste time and get right on into it.


Not so much important for black tea or rooibos, but essential in order to make green, white, and oolong teas. I use to have a digital one, which was a lot easier to read, but this one works just fine. Just as long as you know it is accurate.


I shouldn't really have to explain this one, but I've listed it just in case you forgot about it. Any old kind of timer will do, but digital is the best and most accurate.


You've always thought the name sounded suspicious, now you know why. When you do find that special spoon, make sure it is the only one you use. This way you will have a consistent system for measuring your tea and you can play around with quantities easier without guessing.

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