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Saturday, April 1

A Tea Poet for your Teapot

So it's that time of the week again when I post a poem. I figure if you've enjoyed this week's teapot theme, then you should enjoy a poem, as both are considered art.

The piece I chose is really on the arty side of poetry. It is one poem constructed out of many smaller poems. I call it....

Another Spring Journey


Violent violet
Hums the key of B
Sharp and saturated
Purple passels
Drooping down
Sais la vie



Has no barrier
It just flows
Like wine

And I am Drunk


how do you help the poor
when they won’t accept a handout

help them help themselves,
but that takes time

time I need for my needs
because I want to want too


Lurid Lilac

Pungent and nectareous
Delicious in redolence
Making mother’s day

Roy G Biv
You chose one color
Like grapes

A bunch of jealousy

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