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Saturday, March 18

A One Post Week

This week was spring break for me so as you can imagine I didn't find time to post. Therefore, this will be the only post of the week. I want to use this time to add to something I forgot to talk about with the Rooibos tea.

The Best Way to Enjoy Rooibos

When I was giving instructions on how to brew Green Rooibos Oasis there was something very important I left out. How you should best enjoy the tea.

For starters, pipping hot tea contains very little flavor. This is true for most, if not all hot beverages. So after you pour yourself a cup be sure to let it cool down to a lukewarm temperature. It allows the taste buds on your tongue to be more responsive and not recoiling from scorching water.

Next comes what you can put into the drink to add flavor. I'd recommend putting nothing in this tea the first time you taste it so you can appreciate its natural sweetness and all the other little nuances within. If however, this is your second or umpteenth time trying it and you must add something, then I suggest honey. It has the ability to sweeten your drink without overpowering it. This can happen if you add too much cane sugar.

Just about anything will mix well with this drink such as lemon and milk depending on what kind of a consistency you want. Personally, I have a bit of a sweet tooth and need sugar, but I hate ruining the drinks' subtle flavors. How I avoid this is using a special sugar called crystal sugar or rock sugar. You can find it here.

If you're wondering, no I don't get anything special for plugging products. By all means, if you find it somewhere else cheaper get it there.

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