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Wednesday, March 1

White Tea = White Teeth

Drinking tea is healthy.

“No kidding Sherlock,” is what I hear you saying. I’m sure that in some way, society has managed to slip this basic knowledge into your mind, but how did it do it? Was it from your mother who drank it when she was feeling under the weather or down right sick? Did you see an article in some magazine or news paper that promoted tea? Were you reading the labels on your Lipton drinks?

Many false rumors have been carried on this way with tea. From ignorance to trying to get you to buy a product, people will tell you what you want to hear.

This is something to be thinking about as you analyze health information on tea. There are many unsubstantiated claims to the health benefits of tea and I don’t want to add to that pile. So please, check the facts and don’t believe everything you read with tea health sites.

I try to discriminate as much as I can when I’m finding informational websites to link to, but even then only trust 70% of what they say. I feel I have to say this because no one else seems care; they’re too much into hyping tea up so people buy more. Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way I think I can safely go ahead and throw some health info out there about white tea.

Healthy White Tea: What I Gathered

The biggest or most popular claim with white tea has been that it can help whiten your teeth. This claim is not because the tea is called white tea either, it comes from a study by Pace University, where they analyzed a substance called white tea extract.

I’ve followed the news about this claim for awhile now and it appears to have some truth to it; however, as far as white tea being better than any other tea for improving your teeth – inconclusive.

The real reason that white tea is touted more so than the other teas for teeth is because of its light color. Why would this make a difference? Well, because black and oolong teas are believed to stain your teeth over time due to the tannins that they contain. White tea doesn’t contain these high levels of tannins and thus will be a complete tooth improvement package.

A good site that talks about all of this and more can be found at drweil.com.

As well, more information (slightly biased but very detailed) on what stains teeth can be found here.

My Absolute

If there was one thing I’d like you to know about what makes white tea so healthy it is this: white tea contains more antioxidants than green tea because it has almost zero processing. That’s it. Use the information how you like.

If this doesn't do it for you then check this site out to dig more into the subject.

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I was drinking white tea because of its lower caffeine content, but found it stained my teeth more than green or black.

Not sure why, I'd just have big blotches on my teeth that the dentist had to scrape a lot to get off.

By Blogger dknig1b, at 1:13 PM CDT  

I’ve tried various teeth whitening products for the past 2+ years. The majority of the products are either a hassle to use, don’t give me the results I want, or they hurt my teeth/gums. It’s been mainly whitening toothpaste and whitening strips because I can’t afford (nor does my insurance cover) dentist whitening.
I’m starting to use a new whitening kit I saw in InStyle Magazine called Pro-White. I think I like it because I’m seeing more upfront results right away. I was somewhat skeptical at first because they guarantee “10 shades whiter in 10 days”, but I can see a noticeable difference. They’ve got various kits available. It costs a little more than whitening strips, but I don’t think it’s overly expensive. I found a $10 off coupon on the internet so that helped ( http://www.swoopup.com/stores/deals/ProWhiteTeeth.com ).
I’m just hoping the results are long-term rather than temporary! =)

By Blogger Mary, at 10:30 AM CST  

I didn't know that white tea can make your teeth white. Might as well give it a try.

But if what dknig1b says is true, I'll just have my trusted dentists (Jackson, TN-based) do the teeth whitening for me.

By Blogger Kathy, at 4:34 AM CDT  

I also heard that white teeth is healthier than green and black. I personally like it and drink it once a day.
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By Blogger Ion, at 3:34 PM CST  

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By Blogger abdul, at 5:52 AM CST  

Interesting! Me and my chandler dentist likes this so much! Keep sharing! Have a nice day.

By Blogger Jenny Hudgeson, at 11:05 PM CDT  

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