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Tuesday, February 14

What to Expect

Beginning in a day or so I will be posting about tea. I am taking this time to explain a little how this blog is going to function in case it is not obvious with the first few posts.

This is a topic-per-day driven blog with a general tying theme held throughout the week. The archives will be listed by weeks to help organize these themes better and hold the daily postings together. You will only find 1 days postings on the main site at a time so if you want to see yesterdays or 2 days ago you will need to check that weeks archive.

This may seem over analysed, but it is important to the overall structure of the blog.

If you would like a more detailed desciption of what to expect in future postings (because you're antcy) you can check out my projects proposed ideas on my wiki page found here: ProjectProposal.

Since I havn't yet gathered certain materials I want to implement in Absolute Tea, I will focus this weeks theme on hype, structures, and fun facts.

Fun Fact About Tea: After water, tea is the worlds second most consumed beverage, according to Speacial Teas (possibly biased, but I think it's true).

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