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Friday, February 24

Poetic Conversation for a Cup of Tea

At least once a week I would like to reserve a post for some poetry. You can think of it as a conversation piece that can be explored while you enjoy a cup of black tea.

I'll try to keep the subjects in line with the properties of the tea of the week.

So to compliment the zest of black tea I would like to present 2 poems of mine that were written trying to imitate the style of poet Bukowski.

What’s Her Name

She woke up dissatisfied
I asked her “what’s wrong”
She said “you don’t please me”
I didn’t stay long

She dreams out loud
I know I’m always right
She likes that about me
I stayed one more night

An Evening Out

I saw a mirror
That handsome devil
Just look at that jaw

A cock on the walk
Macho Prima Donna
El Numero uno

Two wrists sink
Splash of water
Sleek and slick

“Good evening, how are you?”
Manners are rich
Those famous smiles

Looking for my table
A wink at the bar
Spotting that skirt

Across the room
My lover’s wave
I strut towards

Sitting straight
Sharp locked eyes
Candle light twinkles


Waiting for my song
She listens hard
A smooth talker I am

When I turn my head
She starts to sob
“My dear, what’s wrong?”

“You don’t love me anymore.”
“It’s all right baby, relax
We can still be friends.”

3 comment(s):

Very smooth. "'baby', 'relax', we can still be friends."
Though I am drinking a Diet Pepsi while reading, the bite of carbonation goes well with the poetry.

By Blogger JJ, at 3:16 PM CST  

Very nice!

By Blogger Sharon, at 9:02 PM CST  

I like your poetry. It has a beatnik feel to it. ;)

By Blogger Morgaine Le Fae, at 7:03 PM CDT  

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