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Friday, March 10

A Jumpin' Stomach with the Roo

If my last post wasn't convincing enough that Rooibos tea can heal your stomach then you must be the type of person that demands credible proof, and I applaud you for it. I don't think it would be wise for me to rant about how great this tea is and how magical and yadda yadda... so instead I'll do what is more practical while trying to keep my positive bias under raps. Here goes...

Every site listed below contains information about rooibos health and somewhere within the sites you should find at least one thing about how it helps stomachs. All percentages are based on my own perceptions and are in no way affiliated with statistical data.

African Tea

This site is new to me but after examining it further, it appears legitamate.
Credibility rating: 50%

Intaba Teas of Africa

Another never-before-seen site, but it seems to have a smaller sales bias.
Credibility rating: 55%


I frequent this site quite often and trust it more than most places on the web.
Credibility rating: 85%

Savannah Imports

I've been to this once a long time ago, but I feel it has too much hype.
Credibility rating: 50%

Health 24

I've heard of this site and have visited it once or twice and find it to have good info.
Credibility rating: 80%

Rooibos Ltd.

This is one of those first time visit sites, but I trust the Canadians to provide factual info, and their site appears to have conguent info with other respectable sites I've visited.
Credibility rating: 65%

If you can't find anything within all these sites to convince you (at least a little bit) that rooibos tea contains something healthy, then I would really like to know why. If nothing else it should give you a reason to try it once.

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