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Friday, March 3

White Poetry

The last few days of winter are at hand and spring is on its way. So to honor this limbo time I'd like to pay tribute to a color that symbolizes this time of year - white. So to do that grab your white tea, put on your toga, and light an unscented candle while you read this poem.

About this poem: I wrote this a while back some 6 or 7 years ago and I recently did some heavy revising. The previous version contained more teen angst so I tried taking some of that out while preserving the original message.

Extended Season

If you don't mind
I'd like to say something
A little about myself
That is if you have time

It was around now
Many years ago since things began
Yes, it involves a girl
Perhaps as deceitful as eve
Satan wrapped satin

A tease while being naive
Bruising hearts
Experience as excuse
But my life has not ended

Many more years to go
Every winter has less snow
And the rain is gold
So when April weeps
I'll be laughing tears

Ha to your dreams
Ha to the day
Night is brighter
Because she's not there

When this is true
The moon will never sing
Choruses tainted blue
And I'll taste glory

Rising pinkish hue

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