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Sunday, March 5

Content Update: New Directions

If you have been following this blog you probably have noticed slight changes in content. I'm just letting you know that it's not by accedent.

I'm trying to get away from the formal aspect of delivering information on tea and attempting to provide a more personal account. I think it will add that something that is missing from this blog. I realize that there are many sites out there devoted to tea and that they are just not that interesting to visit on a daily basis - because they are all fact. I don't want to be all facts here at Absolut Tea, as I want to put more "emotion" behind my words.

There is that, and then there is the fact that I am big into creative writing. I would like to showcase more poetry and maybe even some fictional stories. Also, I have a flare for the visual arts and I plan on incorporating some photos (I just bought a new camera) into this blog.

I expect these changes to add a new level to discussing tea and make it more of an intimate expos'e of my perspective and knowledge of tea. If anyone would like to give me some feedback on this feel free. You can complain that you want me to keep doing what I have been, encourage my new adaptations, or tell me I'm way too obsessed with tea and should fall off the face of the planet. Or you could say nothing and I'll take the silence as acceptance that I'm on the right track in making this blog more tea-rific.

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Sounds great! Looking forward to the new additions!

By Blogger Sharon, at 6:52 PM CST  

Found this on Rebecca Blood's blog:

ยป It is an Anglo-Sino delicacy, born of the Chinese love of strong black tea and the British love of milk tea. Brewed, strained, rebrewed, and strained again, it is called pantyhose milk tea. "This way, the color is evenly distributed and the tea feels smooth to your throat, like aged wine." Lam Chun-chung, proprietor of the Chinese cafe Lan Fong Yuen, a "shrine for creamy tea fanatics". [ 03.06.06 ]

By Blogger Sharon, at 9:57 AM CST  

Sorry, the link didn't copy. Here it is:

By Blogger Sharon, at 10:00 AM CST  

Tea-rific? HA! So corny! I love it!

By Blogger Loni, at 5:08 PM CST  

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