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Friday, March 24

Poetry Post

I must admit, for this post I don't have a poem that is based on tea, but I do have a poem none-the-less. This is perhaps the most unusual post I've ever made for this weblog and I rather enjoy it. I'm not quite sure that my poem fits with an oolong tea theme, as it (the poem) is a bit dark in mood opposed to the lightness of oolong tea. In any case I hope you can enjoy the contrast and that it provides you with thoughts of wonder and strangeness just like the name oolong does.

So without further ado, I present to you my poem of the week. It was inspired by a Harry Potter movie, which I really wish I wasn't compelled to tell you.

(This poem is short and meant to be read slowly, so take your time.)

Is Never Fair

At Midnight
Who tolls
But the bell

Demons and horns
Neurotic thorns
That which comes from hell

Be on guard
All those who dare
Creep past that gate

No cry from heaven
Or fellow brethren
Will protect your fate

So to your knees
And say that prayer
For the clock...

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Aahhh... very, very nice... I'm reading a Harry Potter book right now...Order of the Phoenix...

By Blogger Sharon, at 9:46 PM CST  

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