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Thursday, April 6

Sugar Fiend

I'll admit, this post is more about tea sweeteners than it is about tools, but in my world sugar is just another tool in the process. I say this because like the Humming bird, I need sugar. If it's not sweet I usually don't enjoy it. I only use straight up sugar - none of that fake stuff.

Crystal Sugar

Being the cultured tea drinker that I am, I know that putting sugar into your tea will distort its true flavor. So how can you make it sweet without ruining the fine quality of the original drink? Well, you could use the most natural sweetener of them all - honey. As lovely as honey is, it just doesn't get my drink sweet enough. So what I found that does the job for me is crystal sugar. It will sweeten the drink and yet retain the properties of the original flavor. Brilliant!

It looks like some kind of illegal drug, but I assure you, it's just sugar... really.

Sugar Packets

This would be my guilty pleasure when it comes to sweetening my tea. Some times I just don't feel like waiting for the crystals to dissolve so I tear open a packet - premeasured mind you. It really makes it easy to know just how much sugar you're putting in this way as well. About one packet should do, and I know just how much that is by looking at the nutrition facts on the box.

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